Designed, developed and built in the UK, for flight sim enthusiasts worldwide.

Fulcrum Simulator Controls’ aim is to design and build the most authentic feeling and performing desktop flight simulation controls available.

We feel that there are many design compromises with other commercially available desktop yokes that spoil the flight sim experience.

Using research on multiple aircraft types and with pilot and community feed back for ergonomics and feel, we came up with a new design that we believe provides the single most authentic desktop flight simulation experience currently available.

Throttle Kickstarter launched!

Our Kickstarter has launched for our new throttle quadrant! The key features are: 6 analogue axis levers each with a reverse/cutoff detent. Non-contact GMR

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What a review!

We have had a large number of very positive reviews since we launched from our customers including a wide range of real pilots, there are

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