Further delays due to Corona Virus

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to everyone for your interest. It does mean a lot and we value your support.

It feels like all I seem to do these days is write posts like this with more bad news.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a part. While the chassis, case and all the engineering and assembly takes place here in the UK, part of the electronics comes from China and as you no doubt know, the country is facing a bit of a crisis at the moment. This horrible situation has unfortunately meant that the factory who supply our control board has had to close for a while due to the Corona virus and we won’t be getting what we need until potentially the end of February. This means that we have lines of yokes here with nothing to plug the switches and sensors in to.

As frustrating and as fed up of waiting as this might make you, please remember that nobody is more frustrated about this situation that we are. I have sunk thousands into this company to get the manufacturing to this point and to have it stall this close to launch for something outside of our control is very annoying.

We are currently looking for a contingency supplier now because nobody knows how things in China are going to go over the next couple of weeks and months. I don’t like being in this position so we are looking at other sources and solutions as I am not willing to wait indefinately to launch the yoke. Rest assured that whatever control system is inside it, it will retain the same quality of hall sensors and aviation switches it currently has. The feel and smoothness is also unaffected as the mechanism is all made in house.

To anyone considering going with another controller, I understand the impatience of wanting a new device. I’m a simmer too remember! This whole situation is the main reason we didn’t want to give release dates or take preorders. I can say we are working hard on this road block and I will update you soon.

As Ray has pointed out, we also have various quotes and feedback from multiple world class developers, a 747 pilot, a 737 pilot plus various other simulation hardware and software shops, suppliers and manufacturers. I’m just not ready to name names yet! All of the feedback is positive and very flattering about the quality and feel of this yoke to the point of it being called the best desktop yoke out there. This sounds like a bold claim but it really needs to be felt to understand the difference between this and other controllers.

Thanks for your time again everyone.


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