Making it real

Welcome to our third post which will cover a bit of the production refinement and readiness that we have been working on in the last year.

A long standing design consideration was to keep the overall size of the chassis to a minimum because a lot of simmers have a limited space in which to sim. The overall length is obviously driven by the extra long travel in the Fulcrum One but the height and width could be reduced. In fact we wanted the overall height to be the same as another popular yoke that is out there which I myself had been using for about 15 years.

Almost every type of linear bearing solution was tried and rejected, either because they made the mechanism too high or there were compromises in feel or smoothness, especially with the asymmetric forces when flying one handed. The early prototypes we actually very smooth despite looking rather crude so whatever solution was selected would have a lot to live up to.

Bearing types, mounting methods and positions were are all tweaked and improved. After many more iterations the finished mechanism was signed off with our manufacturing partner. It allows more travel than any other desktop yoke on the market and yet manages to fit in a compact chassis.

The electronics also underwent many changes in type and positioning. We have selected a proven solution that is reliable and flexible enough for us to be able to swap between future released yoke types and allow expansion of the future product range.

A final word on manufacturing. Our chosen manufacturing partners have been established for many years and using the latest computer controlled manufacturing techniques are able to quickly and accurately turn our designs into consistently high quality components. Choosing large suppliers who can scale orders was also vitally important to ensure that delays due to volume are eliminated.

As production moves ahead we will keep updating the news posts with more information on release dates.

Happy simming.


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