More Corona virus production updates

Good news from an electronics point of view. We received the test boards we needed and have successfully completed testing. Both boards have been ordered but that is all I can say because that is all I know. Obviously in the UK everything is on lock down at the moment so all we can do is wait. The board manufacturer will get them to us as soon as possible and will keep us informed of progress. However, with all non essential retail and industry closed at the moment due to national protections and some of our supply chain actively involved in helping with emergency production of ventilators we can only wait.

Contrary to popular opinion, the flight sim industry is not classed as essential! :O

Some of you may notice the 6 axis label on the master board. This is because it will support up to 6 axes (shock!). Don’t get too excited though, the yoke is still only a mundane 2 axis one. It was just forward thinking during design, the other 4 are not enabled in the firmware but it allows us to ‘lever’ ahem, the same electronic controller into a future project…..

Before anyone asks, the decision to not add an extra axis to the yoke such as a trim wheel and throttle etc was taken a long time ago. We could keep adding things to the base product for ever and it would be huge and expensive so the brief for the Fulcrum One was just a pure yoke. Hope that gives a tiny bit more insight into our thinking and progress.


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