New support forum and UK update

We now have a new support forum!

We have decided to host our support forum in the commercial support section of AVSIM. We chose AVSIM as I have been a member in a personal capacity for years and they are the biggest online flight simulator resource and community in the world. If you have never visited then you really should as they have lots of reviews, articles and an incredible user forum covering all aspects of flight simulation.

The direct link to our support forum is and this will appear on our support page of this website once we go live. In the mean time head over to AVSIM and lose hours of time in some great content and discussions.

UK manufacturing update

The latest progress update is that we are moving our electronics manufacturing back to the UK. I have found a manufacturer here that is working with us and they are going to be producing all of our boards in future. They are making a test sample for us to validate and assuming that it is ok we will progress things with them. Then it will be a handful of weeks to produce the first batch. Obviously we are being hit by slowdowns and closures here in the UK too so I’m not going to promise anything. Nearly every supply chain is affected and we could be facing total shut down in the UK but that is currently an unknown.

I guess that the bottom line is that we are still all healthy and looking forward to getting these out there. Unfortunately because of the above, the size of the first batch is a bit of an unknown and so is the delivery date. It all depends on how quickly they can make them and the availability of components.

Just remember that in the background we are still moving forward every day. Having things in the UK gives us more control. It actually does cost a bit more but I have direct access to the factory this way and speak to them on the phone about any queries they have. It feels good to be getting somewhere as we have been spending and not trading for over 3 months beyond our projected start date now. That is not a good place to be for any business let alone a start up. On the bright side I feel more justified in not having us take pre-orders though!?

I will update again once the test board is here.

Thanks again.


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