Pre-Orders opening 17/08/2020!

Remember when I said there would not be any pre-orders?

Well, things have changed!

Due to popular demand I have given in and decided to implement pre-orders for the Fulcrum One Yoke.

Because of the huge impact of the worldwide pandemic and the massive delays it has caused, we are facing a slow start to finalising and shipping our yokes. The fulcrum One yoke is now undergoing final consumer certification (CE, FCC, BS etc) and will be ready to start shipping within the next 4 weeks (Shipping should start around the middle of September 2020).

Normally we expect the yoke to be available off the shelf at time of order but the numbers we can ship on launch day are not as high as we were hoping so in order to make this fair for people we are going to allow pre-ordering. Because we are British, this is more of a queue than a pre-order, after all, we do it so well.

Simply register your details on the pre-order page and when your yoke is ready to ship, we will contact you for payment. You will not be asked to pay until it is ready to ship.

To pre-order, click on the pre-order link button below and complete the form.

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