Fulcrum Pro Jetliner Levers - Coming Soon!

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Coming soon, our Pro Jetliner levers.

These are our first set of add on levers for the Fulcrum Throttle. The set replicates a multi-engine airliner and are easy to configure for different types of aircraft. They are easy to set up as a 2 or 4 engine aircraft and provide a much more immersive and involved simulator experience over the standard quadrant. The levers need to be attached to the existing throttle with the supplied bolts and then plugged into the control board before use. They are not designed to be quick swappable like some units as they need to be very solidly affixed to the quadrant to provide a much more realistic feeling and performing thrust quadrant. When paired with the Fulcrum Trim Wheel they provide the ultimate desktop simulation multi engine set up.

The key features are:

    • 4 Replacement thrust levers to attach to the Fulcrum Throttle.
    • Each of the 4 thrust levers has a separate reverser switch.
    • The outer levers each have TOGA and A/T Disconnect buttons.
    • Machined aluminium speed brake lever with spring loaded detent lock (can be disabled).
    • Metal speed brake plate with detents and engraving for Down, Armed, Flight Detent and Up positions.
    • Machined aluminium flap lever with spring loaded detent lock (can be disabled).
    • Metal flap plate with detents and engraving for flap positions between 0 and 40 degrees.

In the box

  • 4 Replacement thrust levers
  • Speed brake lever
  • Speed brake plate
  • Flap lever
  • Flap plate
  • Screws and tools to allow adjustment