Fulcrum Trim Wheel – Coming Soon!

£199.00 (+20% VAT for UK Only). Please note that you may be charged tax and import duty by your own Country.

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Coming soon, our much requested trim wheel with accurate landing gear switch.

The key features are:

    • Analogue axis for trim.
    • High quality optical encoder to ensure no spiking caused by spiking or dirt.
    • A pair of two way momentary rocker switches.
    • A locking landing gear switch with realistic unlock before moving.
    • Direct attachment to the Fulcrum Throttle Quadrant.
    • Metal construction.

The trim wheel provides an accurate trim option for any simulator. It is designed to work on its own or can be mounted to our throttle system for a more integrated experience.

In the box

  • Fulcrum Trim Wheel
  • Adjustable desk clamp
  • Mounting plate for use with Fulcrum Throttle Quadrant
  • USB cable, screws and tools to allow adjustment


Versatile Switches

A pair of 2-way rocker switches sits alongside a realistically functioning land gear switch.

Landing Gear

The landing gear switch features a real locking mechanism that needs to be pulled out to unlock before moving the gear to up or down.

Desk Clamp

The included desk clamp allows straightforward mounting of the trim wheel to almost any type of desk.

Axis Detents

Threaded mounting holes that are compatible with other brands of popular controller (Saitek and Logitech) are included. These can also help mount the trim wheel to existing set-ups, directly fix it to cockpits or attach the Fulcrum Throttle Quadrant.

Mounting Plate

The included mounting plate allows the trim wheel to be mounted directly to the Fulcrum Throttle instead of by its own desk clamp. Fewer items clamped to your desk means a cleaner more versatile setup as well as allowing the trim wheel to pivot in line with whatever angle you adjust the throttle to.

Rocker Switches

Dimensions The trim wheel is sized to be compatible with existing Saitek/Logitech hardware allowing easy integration into existing set ups.