Fulcrum Yoke

£399.00 (+20% VAT for UK Only). Please note that you may be charged tax and import duty by your own Country.

Due to high demand we are currently taking pre-orders. Orders placed now will be included in the next batch of yokes and will be ready to ship around 4 weeks from ordering. You will also receive updates on production in the lead up to shipping of your yoke.

Years of research and development have led to the Fulcrum Yoke. Reviewed and loved by real pilots around the world.

Long travel and realistic rotation combined with smooth motion, progressive resistance and a sturdy construction using high quality materials.

Hall effect sensors on the pitch and roll axes give a lifetime of trouble free use and eliminate the spiking and wear problems that potentiometers can exhibit.

A unique connection method between the base and yoke allows the yoke handle to be easily swapped with additional aircraft yoke types that are planned for future release.

The one and only yoke you will need for your flight simulation experience.

The key features are:

    • Long travel axis of over 200mm in pitch and 180 degrees of roll.
    • High quality linear bearing rail for smooth movement.
    • Heavy duty rotational bearings for roll axis.
    • Custom made springs to our specification for long life and to provide progressive, realistic and consistent forces.
    • Non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis.
    • Unique removeable yoke handle for different yoke versions.
    • 4 push button, 2 rocker switches and an 8-way hat switch.
    • Removeable desk clamp.
    • Metal construction.

In the box

  • Fulcrum Yoke base unit
  • Fulcrum Yoke handle
  • Heavy duty desk clamp
  • USB cable, screws and tools to allow adjustment
  • Instructions and drill template for direct mounting


180° Of Rotation

Most real aircraft that use yokes have a rotation of 180 degrees while a surprising percentage of simulator yokes do not. To provide the widest compatibility and authentic feel we have engineered the Fulcrum One to mirror this by ensuring that it will rotate 90 degrees in each direction.

Long Pitch Travel

One of the first things sim pilots notice when trying a real aircraft yoke is how much more pitch travel there is when compared to desktop controls. To provide the best fidelity and closest analogue to a real yoke we have engineered a massive 200mm or 8 inches of forward and back travel into the Fulcrum One.

Yoke Switches

The Fulcrum One uses a proven 8 way POV hat switch paired with 4 push buttons and 2 rocker switches. These can easily be defined to any function in the customer's flight sim of choice.

Compact Design

Considerable engineering effort was exerted to ensure that the internal mechanism of the Fulcrum One was designed to allow long travel and yet still fit in a chassis smaller that most others yokes on the market. It is designed to be a direct fit into the openings of existing popular cockpit panels.

Removable Clamp

The Fulcrum One comes with a removable solid desktop clamp and grippy rubber feet, the yoke can be safely mounted to a desk or solidly bolted directly to a cockpit stand or build.


Over 2 years of fine tuning the ergonomic feel of the Fulcrum One has led to it feeling equally at home in general aviation aircraft or airline operations. Whatever your preferred grip style, whether with both hands, one hand or fingertips only you will find the Fulcrum One provides a comfortable position and easy button access.