Remember – no pre-orders!

This post was originally on Facebook and was prompted by a lot of enquiries regarding pre-ordering. I just wanted to let you have an insight into the decision and a bit about the ethos of Fulcrum as a company.
Thanks to everyone for the continued interest and support by the way, it is not taken for granted.

When you take someone’s money then it means that you are then in debt to them and have to supply a product. Pre-orders from various companies in the past have always caused bad blood between the stakeholders if there are delays and the flight simulation industry is littered with past examples of this. There is usually a lot of noise on the forums (mostly justified) when a company takes your money and then does not deliver or continually pushes things back while sitting on your cash. I have been on that side of things myself and it is frustrating.It also then puts pressure on you to get the product to market as quickly as possible sometimes at the cost of quality. This again has been evident many times over the years with other companies.So because of all this we decided in the early stages not to take pre-orders. The product will be released and available when it is released (starting to sound like certain simulation software companies!!!). I really do dislike not being able to give a solid date when we are this close to getting it out of the door.Rest assured that it is nearly there, although we are still waiting on one more supplier but this doesn’t stop the main assembly of bearings, springs, cages, switches, yoke, shaft etc etc. We can quickly add this part in at the end.

Just a note on financing too which relates to pre-orders and the ethos of Fulcrum. A lot of advice pointed us to crowd funding or pre-orders to help fund the development and set up. The set up of Fulcrum is a bit old school and risk adverse these days as it avoids venture capital or business loans. The product development and the manufacturing has all been completed without going in to debt and we own the machinery, tools, foundry casting moulds, and designs outright. The financing all came as investment from my other company which means that Fulcrum has no debt to third parties. This makes us a very stable and safe company as we are not at risk of having everything fold up when creditors come knocking. The down side is that everything took longer to get to this point.
Well done if you reached the end of this waffle. Thanks for following us and sticking with us, hopefully we will all be upgrading our sim experience soon.


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