Trying to please everyone!

In our second news post I wanted to give you an idea of how much time and effort went into getting the feel of the yoke right.

Early designs had started out using bungees on both axes although still with a design of mechanism that ensured that there was no centre detent on pitch or roll. However, prior to the 2018 Flight Sim Show we had moved to steel springs because these gave more control over being able to specify the spring rate and the minimum and maximum dimensions of extension and compression. Zero detent and rising forcees are vitally important in giving the correct feel when flying and something that isn’t generally done correctly on desktop level joysticks and yokes.

This first public showing was universally well received by a large number of enthusiasts and pilots. One of the issues we wanted to address though were the points raised regarding ergonomics. We had already been through many variations to arrive at a yoke shape that felt right for simmers and pilots alike, but the show exposed it to a much larger number of users and hand sizes and lead to some comments on button positioning.

Considering all that feedback resulted in another marathon session of designing, printing, testing with multiple people, refining the design and printing again.

The design had improved, and the final yoke shape was signed off for aluminium casting. We always knew that for a solid feel and durable product we wanted to use metal for the yoke handle.

We now had a product we felt was ready for production, it had realistic amounts of travel with excellent feel and rising resistance, silky smooth movement and no centre detents. It was still the same large size though and the design needed optimising for production.

In the next post I’ll share a bit amount reducing the size whilst keeping the important features of the design that give the yoke is travel characteristics.

Happy simming.


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