Update on production

Thank you to all our customers and also to everyone who has preordered the Fulcrum One and is still waiting. We have had so much feedback and praise and every day I get up and come to work it is thrill to know that people are using our yoke and loving it as much as I am.

Only a simple 1 year delay to our launch due to 2020 happening, we are finally shipping products but it is still a slow process.

We have seen huge price increases across the board for raw materials, from the sheet metal work, cost of yoke casting, screws, electronics and not to mention cardboard, polystyrene and of course the great chip shortage. Getting hold of parts has not been easy and it is a constant battle to get enough in stock to keep building yokes. We currently have orders raised for components to cover all of the remaining preorder list as it stands and if deliveries stay on track then we should have them all ready within 4-6 weeks.
I know some of you near the back will have enquired by email and already been told 4-6 weeks but things have shifted as they always do but we now have parts due in for this timeframe.

One thing that I have been trying to avoid is price increases and up to now we have been swallowing the big increases that we have seen in parts. Unfortunately we are unable to keep doing this as the product is close to unviable at its current price. I always wanted to keep it at this price or slightly cheaper as I felt it was where a quality yoke needed to be.

We will be honouring the price of £329+tax that people have placed their pre orders already at but as of 1st July 2021, any new orders placed will see a price increase. Even with this action, it will not cover the increase we have seen, but I am truely reluctant to increase it any more. Sheet metal and aluminium costs increased by 20%, cardboard and polystyrene has gone through the roof and as well as massive delays in getting parts we are seeing electronics skyrocket in price.
The new price will be changing from £360+tax to £375+tax.This means that in the UK(20%VAT) it will go from £429 to £450. Hopefully we can avoid further price increases in the future.

Unfortunately we will not be attending any shows this year as most seem to have been cancelled and things are too unstable to commit to the US show this year. We are hoping to have some representation there though with a demo unit so stay tuned.

While we do not have a show room as such, you can always come and try a yoke out at the workshop. Just email us and I’m sure we can arrange something. Obviously at the moment there are covid restrictions in place.

Thank you for your custom and patience with this product. It has been a long road but we are finally delivering what I hope you will agree is the best desktop yoke and I don’t mean best for the money!

We can’t wait to deliver the rest and then start delivering our throttle and yoke handles!


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