Why we do what we do

Welcome to the first news post of our new web site. I thought an introduction to where we are coming from would be a good although obvious choice!

What do we do?

We make flight simulation controls.

Why do we do it?

That is a slightly longer answer.

Like most of you I have had a long standing obsession with aviation. I grew up sharing this obsession with all things aviation with my father who was a keen glider pilot and instructor. Flight simulation has also been a hobby and key interest since I started with a ZX Spectrum in the early 80’s, and continues to this day, having used pretty much every flight simulator on the market since then. My early exposure to airshows and then gliding as a teenager cemented this interest. Later in life I was able to start my PPL and this is where Fulcrum comes in. Always on the look out for improving my simulation experience I had upgraded my home cockpit many times but one area I always felt lacking was the flight controls. This was only exacerbated by starting to fly real aircraft. The centre detents, dead zones, stiction, friction and small amounts of travel irritated me and lead to many modifications of various existing set ups.

Eventually this drove me to design a new yoke system with the aim of designing out the problems I found with other commercially available yokes. Going through the hanger with a tape measure reinforced the travel specifications needed. Leaning on experience in developing products integrating metal working with electronics and mechanical systems the first prototype took shape.

2 years and multiple versions later our first public display of a rather rough looking but very well functioning prototype was at RAF Cosford at the Flight Simulator show 2018.

In the next news post I will cover the extensive research and iterative design process we followed over the years.

Happy simming!


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